What Happens Next? ...#2

1) YELLOW NOT SPOTTED. The player comes to the table and is 29 points behind with one red left on the table, which means he can still win if he pots the red with any colour and clears the remaining six colours. The player pots the red followed by the yellow and the referee forgets to spot the yellow back onto the table and the player does not notice it either. He carries on potting the green, brown, blue. His break is 15 and he realises that he is 14 behind with only the pink and black left. After a short discussion with the referee they realise what has happened. What would you do if you were the referee?
The yellow has to be spotted on its own spot or if not available on the highest value spot available and then the frame continue with the balls being potted in the ascending order of their value. Section 3. 7. (c) (i)

2) RED SPOTTED INSTEAD OF COLOUR. The player pots the brown ball but accidentally a red ball is spotted instead of the brown. What happens when it is realised that the brown is not on the table?
If the error is noticed when the red is still on the brown spot, or if it has moved but can be positively identified, it is removed and the brown is spotted. If it has been pocketed as a red, or if it has been moved and can not be positively identified (as mixed in with other reds), then the brown is spotted and the frame continues as a 16 red frame. No penalty to the player. Section 3. 7 (c)

3) MISS RULE / SNOOKERS NEEDED. Can a referee call Misses when there are snookers needed?
Yes. If the striker makes no effort to hit the ball on and snookers are required a foul and a miss can be called. Section 14. (b)

4) IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT THE BALL ON. The cue ball comes to rest nearly in the black pocket and surrounded by the black, pink and green balls and the ball on is a red which is in line with the black ball at the top of the table. If the player plays the cue ball into the pocket would you as the referee allow this? If not what are his options?
A foul and a miss for not attempting to play a ball on. In this situation it must be assumed the striker is attempting to hit the ball on provided that he plays, directly or indirectly with sufficient strength, in the referee's opinion to have reached the ball on but for the obstructing ball or balls. Section 3. 14.

5) CUE BALL STOPPED FROM ENTERING A POCKET. The striker with his hand or cue stops the cue ball from entering a pocket. What would you do if you were the referee?
It is a foul. If the cue ball has not been picked up it is still in play and should be played from that position, and warn the player that it was ungentlemanly conduct and any further bad conduct could lose him the frame. Section 5. (a) (i)