What Happens Next? ...#1

1) BALL IN HAND. The player commits a foul when he has the cue ball in hand and accidently touches the yellow ball with his hand or his cue. The referee calls a foul but does the next player have the cue ball in hand or should he play the cue ball from where it has been left on the table?
If the cue ball is on the table it is in play and must be played from that position. If the cue ball is picked up or moved it is a foul as the ball was in play. Section 2 9 In-hand (b) ii

2) JUMP SHOT. The cue ball comes to rest touching a red ball (the ball on) and there is a red over a corner pocket with the pink and black balls next to each other in the line of the shot. Can the player, without moving the red ball jump over these balls and pot the red ball?
No. It is a foul. The rule clearly states that the cue ball must first strike one object ball before it jumps over another ball and as it was touching the ball on, playing away means it did not strike the ball. Section 2. 19. Jump shot (a)

3) ANGLED BALL. A player has just committed a foul and left the cue ball in the angle of the middle pocket with the last red ball along the cushion and cannot be seen by the cue ball. If you were the referee would you call a free ball and if the cue ball was played across the table and failed to hit the red ball would you warn him that if he failed to hit the red ball on his next attempt he would lose the frame?
It is not a free ball as the rule clearly says that the cue ball cannot be snookered by the cushion. You cannot warn the striker as he cannot see the full face of a ball on. Section 1. 16 (e)

4) WRONG PLAYER BREAKING OFF. What would you do if the wrong player breaks off in a frame of Snooker even if he has been told by the referee that it was his turn to break?
If there has only been the opening strike played then the frame would restart with the correct striker playing. If more than the opening strike has been played then the game must continue and the order would be put right when the next frame was started (meaning that the same player would have started 3 frames. Section 3. 3.(b)

5) BALL MARKER MOVED. The striker asks the referee to clean a coloured ball so the referee uses his ball marker to mark the position of that ball but while he was cleaning it the player touches and moves the ball marker. What would you do if you were the referee?
The rule says that the device used to mark the position of a ball being cleaned shall be regarded as that ball and would acquire the value of the ball until such time as the ball has been cleaned and replaced. If any player other than the striker should touch or disturb the device he shall be penalised as if he were the striker, without affecting the order of play. The referee shall return the device or the ball being cleaned to its position, if necessary, to his satisfaction, even if it was picked up. Section 3. 2. (b) (ii)