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NZBSA President's October Blog

Over the last twelve months the NZBSA has been in negotiations to host two world ranking Billiards events in Hamilton in 2014. There were held in September 23 – 28. The semi-finals and the final was filmed for SKY SPORTS TV and shown at least 6 times in the week of 8Th October. There were 8 overseas entrants in the Hamilton Open and the NZ Open. On the Thursday night between the two events we went to the Cambridge Trots. Race 9 was named after the World Ranking Billiards event and after race 2 a twin sulky race was run with an Englishman, Australian, Indian and New Zealand player competing. It was an astonishing race with a photo-finish for three of them over the last 10 metres. This was recorded for TV and is up on the website. There were some 250,000 punters watching the races on Trackside and was fabulous promotion for our sport with the numerous mentions of World ranking Billiards throughout the evening. Thank you Wayne Carey for the fabulous effort in organising this.

The Open final was an all NZ affair with Grant Hayward edging out Paul Stocker with a great display of Billiards. Full results of the events are elsewhere on the website. Thanks to TMC for filming, editing it and getting it on SKY SPORTS TV at least 6 times from October 8th. We were fortunate to get sponsorship to cover the filming but got nothing else for the events. All players went away thrilled with both events and all said they will be back next year. Thanks to Waikato and their team for hosting these and doing such a fine job.

In 2015 there will be four full world ranking points events for Billiards : one in Christchurch, one in Auckland and two in Hamilton spread over 3 consecutive weekends. There could be 7 or 8 world champions attending along with a strong contingent of players from India, Australia, UK, Singapore etc. NZ players wishing to attend must get themselves on the NZ Billiards ranking list to qualify. Places will be tight.

The quarter finals of the NZ Open Billiards were live streamed and the semi-finals and final were recorded as contractual obligations to SKY SPORT meant that we could not live stream these. Once SKY SPORTS have finished screening we can release these via our website on the internet. Thanks to Matt Edwards and his team for doing this for us.

The following week the NZ Open Snooker was held and live streamed as well. Eamon Hill beat Neil Whalley in the final with a superb display of snooker skills. Full results are elsewhere on the website.

All of this is hugely positive in promoting our sport. Your Board is doing all it can to build further on these highlights.

We have a team going to the World’s in Bangalore shortly and we wish them all the good luck and hope that they perform to their best and are satisfied with themselves.

The raffle closes shortly and we need to get all of the tickets sold and the butts and money returned. We need these funds to continue the good work we have started.

Planning has started on next years calendar and we would like all regions to advise the NZBSA Board of proposed events to Heather Bond so the calendar team can sort clashes or at least minimise them.

We have had some minor success with funding applications and we have submitted others and await decisions and are working on longer term developments. These take a lot of time to complete and get the correct documents together and have the right signatures etc. If anyone has any contacts to facilitate funding applications please contact me. Alan Parris 03-981-2357.