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All ranked players were correctly put into sections and then the non ranked players were randomly drawn out of a hat and put into sections. It was then noted that in a section a non ranked player had just won an A grade championship so he was promoted to number 2 in that section so that the final match to be played was between the best 2 players. This did not affect any ranking points in the section as everyone has to play everyone else, it is only a matter of when. Post section was not affected in any way, nor was any other section as there were no changes between sections. While what was done is not desirable it did not affect any ranking points.

Hi If you go to the Resources on the left hand side of the Web Site and go to Tournament Resources you should be able to find all the information you need to work out the order of play.

Top players play off zero or lower and everyone else is handicapped in multiples of 7. The very worst players can even be on figures as high as +72 or more. It is much better to be more generous with the handicaps than not. Most of the better players can easily make up quite a large differential with only one break and to me the whole idea of handicapping is to make the top players really work for a win. You should always reserve the right to “re-handicap” up or down during a tournament If records are kept of the results it doesn't take too long to get some reasonably accurate handicaps. Handicaps should always be geared towards the poorer player not the better player.

The 2013 calendar is now on the NZBSA website. There is also a PDF downloadable version of the calendar.

Not this year, The sets have only just become available to everyone and no one has yet had time to pratice with them.

Please look at Barton McGill (the company that sponsors our website). Their advert should appear just under the FAQ link on our website.

To be a member of NZBSA all that has to happen is you must be a financial member of a regional association and then by right you are a member of NZBSA.

We need more info on the issue before a decision could be made. It would depend on what ranking list was used and the date the new one was issued. If the draw was done a day before the new ranking list came out it would stand. How long before or after the ranking list was the draw done Etc. As the tournament has been held we could not change the ranking points however if we had known beforehand that the draw was wrong we could have the association change it.

While it is desirable for a players entry to be refunded if they notify the organisers in time to find a replacement player and the draw is not affected, it is the individual Associations rules on refunds that prevail. If players are not happy with the Association policy then they should take a remit to that Association AGM and see if it gets support.