NZ Women's Snooker Rankings

​​​​​​​JULY 2022

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Allocation of Ranking Points for Womens Snooker Events

Local Association A Grade Snooker Championships

Winner - 300 points, Runner-up - 150 points, losing semi-finalists - 75 points.

Standard Open Snooker Ranking Events

Playing in the event - 1 point, 1 point for each frame won in section play only, 20 points for each section play win, 50 points for last 16 loser in post-section play, 100 points for last 8 loser in post section play, 250 points for semi-final loser in post section play, 350 point for tournament runner up  and 500 points for a Tournament winner.

North and South Island Snooker Championships and New Zealand Open Snooker Championships

All point allocated to be two times that allocated for a Standard Open Snooker Ranking Event

New Zealand Snooker Championships

All points allocated to be three times that allocated for a Standard Open Snooker Ranking Event.


All points are to be accumulated over a two year period and points will be removed on the bi-annual anniversary of the event being held.

All ranking events played will go towards a players overall ranking.