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Alan Parris RIP 21.4.18

International Billiards & Snooker Federation

April 21 at 6:29pm · 

Sad news from New Zealand that Alan Parris, President of New Zealand Billiards and Snooker Association, passed away. He was ailing since some time and today afternoon (NZ Time) he departed for his next journey.

Alan was always fond of Billiards & Snooker. His contribution helped New Zealand Snooker to grow in an unprecedented way. His affection and all-time involvement in Cue Sports will always be remembered.

We all in the IBSF pay homage to the departed soul and extend condolences to the family of Alan Parris.

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Alan Parris Funeral will take place on Thursday 26th April at 1.30pm and the service will be at 56 Kerneys Road,Christchurch 

(Linwood football club)

Hamilton Billiards Open & Champion of Champions 2018

Hamilton Billiards Open & Champion of Champions Report   Saturday the 3rd of March saw the longest day on the New Zealand billiards calendar with six hours of section play in the Hamilton Billiards Open and then after a meal break the Champion of Champions tournament.   The Hamilton Billiards Open saw an increase in field numbers this year after its initial running twelve months ago. Combatants included four New Zealand champions (23 out of the last 25 years), two NZ B-Grade champions and the current North Island champion.  The field was split into two sections of seven playing hour long games to determine the top four who would progress past group play in a straight cross over draw. After 42 hours of play there were a few upsets that meant that Sunday’s play was still anyone’s. In the quarter-finals Gary Oliver beat Mike Harris, Mark Taylor recorded his first ever victory over Paul Stocker, Wayne Carey outplayed Darren Taylor and Adesh Shekatkar beat Derek Gibb. One semi-final pitted the two players who have dominated NZ billiards since the turn of the millennium and Oliver proved too strong for Carey. In the second semi-final Shekatkar’s experience in match play at the pointy end of a tournament proved the difference in seeing him through to the final outscoring Mark Taylor. The semi-final stage in the main draw saw the plate final being decided between Andrew Draper and Russ Delahunty. Draper copped the section of death in pool play and was unlucky to miss out on qualifying through to the championship draw, but recovered on the Sunday to overcome Delahunty’s challenge. Draper also made the plate high break with a well compiled 70 break. In the main final Oliver got out to an early lead over Shekatkar and the latter couldn’t find the form that got him to the final to stage any form of comeback against the current New Zealand champion. Oliver also made two centuries during the weekend with the best being the tournament best of 124 unfinished.   In the Champion of Champions, which is set under Speed Billiards rules saw some decent billiards being played at the end of what was already a big day. In the blind drawer Derek Gibb beat Paul Stocker, Russ Delahunty beat last year’s champion Wayne Carey, Adesh Shekatkar beat Darren Taylor and Gary Oliver beat Mark Taylor. The winner’s names were put back into the hat to find the semi-final draw and Gary Oliver met Adesh Shekatkar and Derek Gibb met Russ Delahunty. Oliver crushed Shekatkar 211-83 in the 30 minute game. The second semi was a little closer and saw Gibb defeat Delahunty 116-86. In the final Oliver proved too consistent and ran out the victor over Gibb 154-64.   Therefore Oliver had picked up the double for the weekend emulating the feats of Wayne Carey one year ago.    

 Cheers   Darren Taylor Tournament Convenor

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Oceania 2018

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We can now say " WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS"

Congratulations to Mario Hildred and Adam Lilley for making the the final of the Oceania U21s.

An all NZ Final which saw 11 frames being played including a rerack in the final frame.

Mario Hildred ended up coming out on top to win 6/5 over Adam Lilley.

Also the NZ Team took out the Trans Tasman Test Series 9/1 result for the Gary Hale trophy.

Included in the NZ Team photos are ...Adam Lilley (Captain) Ryan King, Dnaiel Cole, Mario Hildred, and Cody Turner

Team Managers, Dave Judd and Dan O'sullivan.




Player Membership and Association Levies

To all players of Billiards and Snooker Associations,

Now that the official season has begun and underway already with a ranking tournament of both codes being  played already,it is NZBSA policy that each playing member of your association has paid his/her  membership/subscription fee to be financial to play in any ranking events for 2018 including the Association A grade.


Also Levies are due to be paid from your Association Membership,

Please contact NZBSATreasurer (N.GYDE) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To discuss your Associations status.

If a player has not paid there subscription to the association before playing any ranking event,the player is NOT eligible to play and entry forfeited by the host,

It is up to the host association to check all players before draws are completed, this not only safe guards you as the host but also the player as to save any embarassment at the start of the event.



Oceania 2018 Update


Dear Players

The entries to the Oceania Championships to date have not been as expected and the OBSF Executive have had to take the decision to reduce the prize monies relative to the entries for each of the events. This was a very hard decision, but one necessary to ensure that the Championship can go ahead as a number of regional players have already booked their flights to attend the events. However, if the numbers do increase then the proposed prize pools will be honoured in full.

There will be Test Matches between Australia and New Zealand in the U21 and Women’s which is important for the region.

The introduction of the Masters to replace the 6 Red Championship has not been as well supported as we expected and the fact may be that to have the Masters followed directly by the Oceania Championship is too long for players to be away from work or other commitments they may have and with this in mind we have decided to not run the Masters, all Master entry fees paid to date will be fully refunded. We are hopeful that anybody that had entered only the Masters will now switch their entry to the Oceania event. We apologise for this but we need to be mindful of the responsibility to the financial viability of the OBSF for the future.

In the future Championships it might well be that the events are to be split and there be more than one Championships to accommodate the categories without requiring too long a period for the events.

The Billiards has also not been supported to date, even with the resurgence in recent times for the discipline, and again it has been decided that unless there is a drastic change in the entries in the next few days it might well have to be cancelled. It is all very disappointing for everybody and especially after the OBSF managed to find a replacement to host the Championships after New Zealand had some difficulties and had to withdraw from hosting the Championship.

Mounties, as always have been fantastic in taking on the Championships at such short notice and I think we need to get behind them and support all the events wherever possible. They have been a stalwart of the Billiards and Snooker fraternity for many years and to see the lack of support at this time is a travesty. All the tables have being reclothed and new balls are provided for the events so we have the best conditions we can provide.

There are some with personal agendas that are actively urging players to not enter and that is such a destructive approach for our sport, so I urge you to not listen to the protestation of some that are not aware of; or in some instances choose to ignore, all the efforts that people are going to in both the preparation for these Championships, but also the future of our sport worldwide. It is to be hoped that in the near future we can see some conciliation between all major parties that will benefit all the players.

Therefore finally, we would strongly urge you all to support both the OBSF and Mounties and to enter the Championships as soon as possible to ensure they are a success.

The OBSF Executive

NZBSA New Ranking Co-ordinator and NZBSA Web Site Controller

Attention all Associations. Mark Hannah Capital City is now the new Ranking Co-ordinator for NZBSA. Please forward all Tournament results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible after your event is complete.Thankyou to Paul Stocker for your time over the years hope you enjoy your spare time.


NZBSA Web Site Contoller and Updater is Dave Judd,if you have information to be posted on the NZBSA Web Site, please forward to the following email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

The NZBSA Website takes no responsibilty for any miss print of events and or information related to the NZBSA on the social media Facebook page "NZ Billiards & Snooker".  

World Snooker Federation Championships 2018





11th January 2018

World Snooker Federation Championships

The World Snooker Federation (WSF) has today announced the beginning of its own official WSF Championships, which will run from 14-24 March 2018. The event will be played at the Dolmen Hotel, Malta and provide new and exciting opportunities for amateur players.

The winner of the main WSF Championship will receive a first prize of €10,000 and earn a two-year tour card for the World Snooker Tour. The four semi-finalists of the event will all be invited to compete at the 2018 World Snooker Championship in Sheffield, England, which this year carries a record first prize of £425,000. The event will run from 18-24 March.

The WSF Championships will also consist of the official 2018 World Women’s Snooker Championship, the champion of which will receive €6,000 and again the winner will qualify to enter the 2018 World Snooker Championship in April.

There will also be an event staged for players over-40 years of age, to be known as the WSF Seniors Championship. There will be a first prize of €6,000 for this competition, and following the recent WPBSA announcement regarding an official World Seniors Tour, the winner will receive a personal invitation to compete in a major international World Seniors event.

The top eight players of both the Women’s and Seniors events will automatically qualify to play in the main WSF Championship, providing equal opportunities for both men and women to earn a two-year tour place on the World Snooker Tour. Both of these events will be played during 14-17 March.

The events will also be played on Star tables, further preparing players before they join the lucrative professional circuit.

WSF President Jason Ferguson said: “The announcement of our first WSF Championship marks the beginning of a new dawn for amateur snooker across the globe. The Championships will provide equal opportunities, exciting bonuses for elite performers and a clear a pathway to a career in our wonderful sport.”

Further information, including event entry details, will be released in due course.






In October 2017 the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) announced its involvement in a new era of sports governance for snooker and billiards with the official launch of the World Snooker Federation (WSF).

The WSF brings together both amateur and professional snooker and will be a key organisation as snooker looks to take its place on the Olympic and Paralympic programme.  The WSF has been formally established as a not for profit International Sports Federation (IF) in Switzerland. The WSF will be based in Lausanne, Switzerland, home to many influential international sports organisations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Regional & National Federations

The WSF is open to accepting membership from Regional Bodies and National Federations across the world that share its vision to grow the sport at all levels.

With the support of these Bodies and Federations the WSF will now form part of an international structure for snooker and billiards in which National Federations can develop new and exciting opportunities.  For the past seven years the WPBSA and World Snooker have established many new events working in close co-operation with National Federations such as the Indian Open, Riga Open, 6 Reds World Championship in Thailand and various ranking events in China.

The growth of the sport through these relationships and the increased commercialisation of the tour through World Snooker has enabled the WPBSA to make significant investments in grassroots development projects. Projects such as World Disability Snooker, the World Women’s Snooker Tour, Cue Zone into Schools supported by accredited coaching programmes are all now gaining momentum. It is the WPBSA’s wish to work closely with many more National Federations around the world and this can now be achieved through the World Snooker Federation members.

The WSF will also provide vital playing opportunities through the staging of a unified WSF Amateur Championship.  This new, mixed gender event will be open to the elite performing players of National Federations who are members of the WSF and provide an opportunity to qualify for a place on the World Snooker Tour.  The first staging of this Championship will take place before the start of the next (2018/19) World Snooker Tour season.

The WPBSA has already announced that it will assist with the funding of a new Challenge Tour which will work alongside the World Snooker Tour to developing elite pathways for top amateurs and new emerging talent. National Federations who are WSF Members will have further opportunities to host some of these events.


The WSF will be run by a board of directors who will ensure that appropriate governance and accounting practices are in place. The board will be supported by a newly constituted Council comprising up to 10 people from across the globe representing different regions and continents. The WSF is committed to bringing together a truly diverse and multinational team.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said “Following a restructure of the professional sport in 2010, the World Professional Snooker Tour has never been stronger. We have seen unprecedented growth and we are now a truly global sport. With this growth comes a responsibility for us to ensure sustainable career pathways for elite talent and playing opportunities for all at all levels. We must ensure there are no barriers in our sport, no matter of politics, race, gender or disability. Only when we achieve this, can we be considered to be a ‘true sport’. There are some incredible people around the world, company directors, players, officials and referees, many of whom serve our sport as volunteers. It is the vision of the WSF to engage with these individuals from within our sports international community.”